• Campbell-Tintah School

    Winter Weather Information

    No matter how much we hope not, we know we are going to have severe weather again this winter. Based on the assumption that cold temperatures, high winds and heavy snow will come eventually this school year, I want to assure everyone that Campbell-Tintah School is ready to respond, as needed, when severe weather occurs.

    When weather conditions begin to turn adverse, many factors are considered in determining whether to keep school open, delay the school opening, or close school for a day or have an early out:

    1. Road conditions are checked,

    2. Temperature and wind chill charts are monitored closely, and

    3. Weather forecasts and radar will be watched closely for our area.

    If a decision is made to cancel school or adjust the school schedule, radio and television stations will be called with that information. Please do not call the radio or television stations, as this ties up their phone lines. Some weather conditions, such as fog, are much harder to predict and react to. Campbell-Tintah Public School will respect your parental decision, if you choose to keep your child home until weather conditions improve.

    Listed below are the general procedures we will follow at Campbell-Tintah:


    1. All school closings, delayed starting times, and early dismissal will be announced.

    Listen/watch the following media outlets. Parents and pupils are urged to listen to one of these stations daily, but especially when the weather is inclement. Normally these stations will be notified of the closing of schools as soon after 6 a.m. as possible. Hearing no announcement, parents and students should assume that the school will be in session.

    KMBW 1450 AM, KVLY 11 & KX 4, KBRF 1250 AM, WDAY Channel 6, WDAY 93.7 FM, KFGO 790 AM, KVOX-FM 99.9

    2. There are also times when schools are closed earlier than the regular time. If an adult will not be at home, arrangements should be made so that young children have an appropriate place to go. Please call the School Office before inclement weather begins, if you do not want your children going home when we have these inclement conditions.

    Please do not wait until the last minute.

    3. All school activities will not be held when school is closed due to inclement weather.

    4. All after-school activities will be canceled when school is dismissed early because of inclement weather. If school is closed because of /or because of the threat of inclement weather, we cannot in good conscious have our students out with school activities.