• Speech is a super fun extracurricular activity for everyone in grades 7-12.  We encourage everyone to try it out.  Even if you decide you don't like it, you can always back out during or before the season.  You learn lots about public speaking, cooperation, and you meet SO many new friends from many different schools.  And if you work hard, you can earn lots of medals and even letter.  There are many categories, so you are sure to find one that suits you and your personality.  The Minnesota State speech categories include:
    • Creative Expression 
    • Discussion
    • Dramatic Interpretation
    • Duo Interpretation
    • Extemporaneous Reading
    • Extemporaneous Speaking
    • Great Speeches
    • Humorous Interpretation
    • Informative Speaking
    • Original Oratory
    • Poetry
    • Prose
    • Storytelling
    Creative Expression (CrX) is for you if.... 
    1. You like writing your own speeches
    2. You can interpret stories in many different ways
    3. You are creative
    Discussion (Disco) is a wise decision as a category if...
    1.  You like problem-solving
    2. You are an opinionated, yet cooperative person
    3. You are a critical thinker
    4. You are up to date on current events
    5. You enjoy discussing serious topics with other individuals
    6. You are comfortable interacting with people you don't personally know
    Drama  would be awesome for you if you...
    1. Are a dramatic person (as in serious drama)
    2. Are a good actor
    3. Can interpret dramatic literature
    Duo Interpretation will be amazing with you and your partner if...
    1. You are a cooperative person
    2. You enjoy acting
    3. You like working with another person who is not always your best friend  
    Extemporaneous Reading is going to be fun for you if...
    1.  You don't stress with little preparation time
    2. You are a good speaker
    3. You are a good reader and are very thourough with your reading
    4. You aren't interested in having to memorize a speechY
    Extemporaneous Speaking will be a super fun challenge for you if...
    1.  You have a good memory
    2.  You like a good challenge
    3.  You can go without interacting with another human being for half an hour
    4.  You are up to date on current events
    5.  You need only note cards to deliver a seven (7) minute speech
    Great Speeches will be a good learning experience for those who...
    1.  Enjoy public speaking
    2.  Like historical speeches
    3.  Can well execute a speech written and given by a previous individual 
    Humorous Interp would be a SUPER AWESOME category to be in if you...
    1.   Are really funny
    2.  Like acting
    3.  Are okay with digging for a good speech
    Informative Speaking could be a good learning experience as well as good practice for public speaking if...
    1.  You are willing to write your own speech
    2.  You are a good public speaker
    3.  You speak clearly with good articulation and speed
    4.  You are up to a challenge
    5.  You don't mind listening to super boring speeches over and over again 
    6.  You know how to find reliable sources even when looking online
    Original Oratory might be fun if you...
    1. Want to write your own speech
    2. Are an opinionated person
    3. Can cooperate with others
    4. Can handle listening to other people's opinions without speaking 
    Poetry is a good category if
    1. You like poems
    2. You are a good actor
    3. You can seriously handle deep issues
    4. You're cool with listening to things that might make you cry 
    5. You're a poet and you don't even know it, you just want to show it (off)
    Prose might bring you to the top if you...
    1. Can dig for a good speech that will hopefully make other people cry
    2. Are a dramatic person
    3. Are a good actor
    4. Are fine with dealing with lots of competition
    5. Aren't too intimidated my people who wear super high heels and always win first place 
    Storytelling isn't going  to be toooooo difficult under the assumption that you...
    1. Can come up with a familiar story recreation in half an hour 
    2. Don't mind not talking for half an hour
    3. Are super creative
    4. Know a lot about children's tales
    The Minnesota State High School League or MSHSL sponsors qualifying meets, which include Subsections, Sections, and the State meet.  If you place in the top 6 in your subsection, you automatically qualify for the Section tournament.  Placing 7th or 8th in your category at Subsections will qualify you for being an alternate.  Placing in the top 3 in your category at Sections allows you to enter the State speech tournament.  However, to go to Nationals, you must be in certain categories; some, like poetry, are not National Speech categories.

     The 2016-17 Speech season is already underway.  We've attended six meets so far: Wheaton Invitational and Morris Area Invitational.  Alyssa Hunter competed in Poetry at Wheaton Invitational as well as the Morris Area speech meet.  Rehanna Schreiber attended the Morris Area speech meet and came back with a 3rd place in Informative Speaking.  At Hancock Invitational, Alyssa Hunter placed 6th and Rehanna Schreiber placed 5th.  CGB hosted their annual meet with lots of big teams, and both Rehanna and Alyssa were awarded 3rd place medals.  The next meet was Subsections in Breckenridge.  Rehanna placed 3rd and moved on to Sections, where she finaled but placed 7th, so did not continue her speech journey for the year.  
    During Morris High School's "Candyland" themed meet on March 15, 2014, Sierra Hiefort and Anna Pogreba were honored for their extra hard work and dedication to the Campbell-Tintah Speech program. 
    Speech award