• The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) are state tests that help districts measure student progress towards Minnesota’s academic standards.  Student’s participation is important to understand how effectively the education at school is aligned to the academic standards.  A student who does not participate in the statewide assessments will not receive an individualized score and will not be considered ‘proficient’.  Students who receive a college-ready score on the high school MCA are not required to take remedial, noncredit course at a Minnesota State college or university in the corresponding subject area, potentially saving the student time and money. 

    Individual scores are important for educators, because we use that data to make decisions about resources and supports that we provide.  We use that information in looking at our curriculum and aligning courses to meet academic standards.

    We encourage all students to take part in the MCAs, however, if a parent/guardian does not want their child to participate they can opt out of testing.  Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.31, subdivision 4a, requires the commissioner to create and publish a form for parents and guardians to complete if they refuse to have their student participate in state-required standardized assessments.  If you chose to opt out of testing, the below link will take you to the refusal paperwork that must be filled out and returned to the school.