• Play Practices: 10/11...Cast of: Rent A Car The Show must Go On Cafe Argentine (for read thru)

    10/16...Cast of: Airline Check in Cafe Argentine Gone With The Breeze (for read thru)

     10/19...All Cast and Crew Bring in set pieces from shed and costumes start time 11am

     10/22...Cast of: Late Date Coffee Commercial The Show Must Go On

     10/23...All Cast (FAFSA night at 6:30...done no later than 6)

    10/24...Cast of: Rent a Car Coffee Commercial

    10/25...All Cast

    10/26...All Cast and Crew

    10/27...All Cast and Crew 11am start time

    10/29...All Cast

    10/30...All Cast

    11/1...All Cast

    11/2...All Cast and Crew

    11/5...All Cast and Crew

    11/6...All Cast and Crew

    11/8...All Cast and Crew (lights go up)

    11/9...All Cast and Crew

    11/10...All Cast and Crew start time 11am

    11/12...All Cast and Crew

    11/13...All Cast and Crew

    11/15...All Cast and Crew



    11/18 All Cast and Crew Clean-up 1pm until finished

    Cast and Crew party TBD

    Rehearsals are after school and will be finished as soon as possible.  If you have sports practices, etc, please let Mrs. G-Tyler know. Wednesday practices will always be done in time for any church activities.  Saturday practices are tentative and, depending on level of performances, may be amended.  Students will be alerted to any changes as soon as possible.  Students are encouraged to join the snapchat theater group for any information that does not get posted to announcements and in case of any weather cancellations.   Please make sure you are reading scripts through on a daily basis, even if you are NOT having practice that day.