• 2020-2021 Supply List



    Backpack (lg enough for winter gear)

    Bottle of glue
    Small pencil box

    4-6 Glue sticks
    1 folder
    1 clear tote w/lid to fit sm. nap blanket, must fit in locker
    1 Lg. Box tissues
    2 boxes of 16 count Crayola crayons
    2” 3-Ring binder

    2 boxes of snacks to share

    Lysol Wipes

    Nap mat/blanket

    Gym shoes-stay at school

    1 Set extra clothing



    Backpack (approx. 12”x15”)

    Small pencil box (plastic)

    12 #2 Pencils (no mechanical or designed, more as needed)

    1 Large Eraser

    2-16 Ct. box of Crayola crayons

    4 Glue sticks
    Box of markers (optional)

    Safety scissors

    1-1” hard cover binder

    3 Lg. boxes of tissues
    Pair of headphones for computer

    Snacks for locker

    2 Lg. Lysol Wipes

    Paint shirt

    Resting blanket

    Gym shoes

    Set of extra clothing

    No stuffed animals please

    *Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd
    Set of extra clothing includes socks, underwear, shirt and pants

    1st Grade


    Pencil box

    24-#2 Pencils (No Designs)

    2 Erasers

    2-24 Ct. Crayons

    4-6 Glue sticks

    2-10 Ct. Markers


    2 notebooks
    Composition Notebook

    2 Pocket folders

    1 Durable 3-Prong Folder
    1” Durable 3-Ring Binder

    Dry erase markers

    Rag/Eraser for dry erase markers

    Head phones

    1 Disinfecting Wipe

    Paint shirt

    Gym shoes-no marking shoes

    Set of extra clothing


    2nd Grade


    Pencil box

    24-Ticondaroga Pencils sharpened

    2 Erasers or pack of eraser tops

    1-24 Ct. Crayola Crayons

    Pencil Sharpener

    6 Glue sticks

    Crayola Markers


    1 Wide-lined notebook
    1 plastic folder w/fasteners

    Head phones-if none from last year

    2 Lg. boxes of tissues

    1 Lg. Lysol Wipes

    Paint shirt

    Gym shoes

    1 Set extra clothing

    2 Dry Erase Markers (Blk, Chisel Tip)

    2 Composition Book (Wide lined)


    3rd & 4th Grades
    Pencil box
    Pencils (No mechanical)
    Erasers or pack of eraser tops
    Crayons or Markers
    Colored pencils
    2 Glue sticks

    1 plastic folder w/pockets & prongs
    1-1” Binder with Pockets

    3 Wide-lined notebooks (red, green, yellow)
    1 Composition Notebook

    1 Box of tissues
    1 Disinfecting wipes
    Headphones or Ear buds
    Gym shoes

    5th & 6th Grades
    Pencil box
    Crayons or markers
    Colored pencils
    3”-3 Ring binder
    6 Notebooks
    USB Drive (min. 4 GB)
    1 Quad notebook (graph paper)
    Expanding portfolio
    2 Lg. boxes of tissues
    Paint shirt
    Gym shoes
    1 Composition Book (Science)
    1 Highlighter (Science)
    1 Plastic pocket folder (Science)

    Resource Room Elementary
    2 Wide- lined notebooks
    Pencil box, 24 pencils, 1-1.5” binder
    1-24 Ct. Crayola Crayons & Pencils
    2 Lg. boxes of tissues, 2 glue sticks


    High School (7th- 12th Grades)

    Pencils, pens, highlighters

    Colored pencils

    7 Notebooks
    7 Folders

    USB Drive (min. 4 GB)

    TI-30XA (grades 7th-9th)

    TI-83 or 84 or similar Graphing      calculator (grades 10th-12th)

    2 Lg. boxes of tissues

       (bring to 1st hr. class)

    Gym clothes and shoes


    To help make organization easier, please label the following folders & notebooks by color:

    Folder   Class

    Green   Science

    Red        Reading Elem/Lang. Arts/English HS

    Blue       Math Classes

    Yellow   Health

    Purple   Social Studies

    Black      Art/Computer


    Resource Room High School
    2 Wide- lined notebooks
    Pencil box
    1-24 Ct. Crayola Crayons
    Colored pencils
    2 Lg. boxes of tissues
    24 Pencils
    2 glue sticks

    1-1.5” binder

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