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    Minnesota's ACT scores are among the best in the nation, which is no surprise to Campbell-Tintah Superintendent Wayne Olson.

    Students at Campbell-Tintah High School in Campbell, Minn. in 2011, scored higher than the state average in all four categories – English, math, reading and science. The students scored 26.0 in English, 24.0 in math, 26.8 in reading and 24.2 in science, with a composite score of 25.5.

    Seventy-two percent of Minnesota's graduates took the ACT and scored nearly two points above the national average on the college entrance exam. Minnesota's class of 2011 scored an average composite score of 22.9 out of a possible 36. “First and foremost I would like to applaud the students who put in the hard work and took advantage of the educational opportunities available to them," Olson said. "It's rewarding to the teaching staff to see their efforts lead to student success.”