Campbell-Tintah School is a Super Bowl Honor Roll School  

    Superbowl Honor  

       Campbell-Tintah School received recognition by the National Football League as a Super Bowl Honor Roll School as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Super Bowl.  In the letter received by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, he states, "as we mark our 50th Super Bowl this season, we are celebrating the players and coaches of the past 49 Super Bowls and their high schools and communities that have positively  impacted our great game." 

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       As a Super Bowl Honor Roll School, Campbell-Tintah High School received a commemorative golden football, which is being sent to the high school of every player or coach on an active roster in a Super Bowl.  Campbell-Tintah football is in honor of 1959 Campbell-Tintah graduate Errol Mann, a kicker for the Oakland Raiders who played in the Super Bowl Xl.  The Rose Bowl game was played in Pasadena, California.  Score of game was 32-14.  Raiders won. 

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    Super Bowl High School Honor Roll Golden Football

    Honoring Errol Mann



      Welcome                                    Superintendent Kyle J. Edgerton


     School Song                         Campbell-Tintah High School Band


    Remarks                                                   Superintendent Edgerton


    The Ball by the Numbers                                   Mr. Reed Johnson


    History of Campbell Football                         Mr. Reed Johnson


    Presentation of the Football                 Superintendent Edgerton


    Remarks by Friends and Family                      Open Microphone


     Please join us…

    Homecoming Pep Rally to follow at 2:00 PM

    Gathering of friends and family in the cafeteria from 3:00-5:00 PM

    Homecoming Football Game at Rosholt, SD 7:00 PM

    Recognition of the commemorative Golden Football and Homecoming Royalty at halftime

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    Super Bowl High School Honor Roll

    Golden Football Ceremony


    Honoring Errol Mann

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    The following two speeches were given by Mr. Reed Johnson at the ceremony. 
     By The Numbers
       Welcome to Campbell-Tintah School.  My name is Reed Johnson and I had the privilege of coaching at Campbell-Tintah for over 30 years.  I was given the honor of speaking about the ball and the history of Campbell football.
       The ball is very special and has been given to schools that had a head coach or player that played in one of the first 50 Super Bowls.  Almost 3,000 balls were given out to only 2,000 schools.
        California received the highest number of balls (432) and two states, New Hampshire and Vermont, received none.  Tom Brady brought 6 balls to his high school and Port Arthur Texas received 8 balls.
        I have had a difficult time finding how man Minnesota has but I know Cretin-Durham Hall, Stillwater, Moorhead State College and Woodbury received balls.  My brother taught at Woodbury and I was bragging about the Errol Mann ball and he said we got one too.  I said that yours was only for a kicker.  He wasn't smart enough to respond.
        My memory tells me that 2 North Dakota schools received balls.  Three at Oakes for Phil Hansen and two in Cando for Dave Osborne.  South Dakota received 3 golden footballs.  Doug Miller of Stugis, Mitchell's Ordell Braase and Adam Vinatieri of Rapid City.
       Despite the fact that Errol broke my heart beating my Vikings for the 4th time, I am thankful that he made It to the Super Bowl and had a successful career. 
        History of Campbell Football
       I really enjoyed reviewing the history of Campbell Football.  I used the yearbooks for some and my cloudy memory for others.
       The first record I could find was the 1948 team.  They played 6 games and lost to Hankinson and Fairmount,  Campbell may have used the philosophy of if you can't beat them, cooperate with them.
       Going through the books I was able to find some memorial names of people who coahced at Campbell. [These names include] Ernest Cederberg, John Cannon, Cliff Hermes, Robert Kresbach, AL Jensen, Dave Carlsrud, Erling Logan, Gary Luipakka, Ken Baakegard, Jeremy Moganroth, Jason Monilaws, Coach Shultz, Steve Schiltz and myself.  Many other assistant and junior high coaches were part of the program. 
        Campbell Camels have also been involved in many co-ops.  The first in 1972 was when the Camels became the Cougars paired with the Tintah Bison  In 1987 the Cougars became the C-T-F Rebels as we joined with Fairmount  In 2004, we joined with Hankinson and became the Titans, if you remember the Titans.  Our last co-op was with ROoholt and we became the Tri State Tigers.
        As I reached the teams I broke them down to what I saw as the best 6 teams.
       One was the 1988, runner up as in the Big 5 Pheasant Conference.  We were small but slow but found a way to a runner up finish.
       Next was the 2011 team Tri State team that went on to win the only playoff victory beating Casselwood 14-0 in the playoffs.
       The 2001 Rebels finished 7-2 and the small, quick team won a lot of games but fell short against Rollete-Wolford in a game in Fairmount.
       The 1977 team was 7-2 and was lead by Mike Cannon who is now a white hat in the Big Ten. 
       The 2006 Titan team finished 7-2 and lost to Mayville-Portland in double overtime to finish the year.
       Undoubtedly the best team was the 1964 Camels.  The Camels lost their first non conference game to Barrett and then recorded 8 straight shutouts to win the Wild Rice Championship.
       I am sure there were other great teams but those seemed to be the best and have trophies to back them up.
       Thank you for your time and go Camels, Bison, Cougars, Rebels, Titans, and Tigers.
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