*This is a condensed version specifically for our preschool and kindergarten passengers.  Parents, please review these basic rules with your child(ren)in the days prior to the start of school before they board the bus on their first day of school. They tend to be very excited, having freedom from being buckled in a carseat, and tend to have trouble staying in their seat.  Thank you for your help and cooperation.  We are only looking out for the safety of your children.

    Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right.  Students are expected to follow the same behavioral standards while riding school buses as are expected on school property or at school activities, functions or events.  All school rules are in effect while a student is riding the bus or at the bus stop.

    Since grade school children also ride the buses, the high school students are expected to set an example of good conduct for them.

    1. Be on time for the bus.  The bus driver will not wait for late students.  Help keep the bus on schedule.
    2. Respect the property of others while waiting for the bus.
    3. If you must cross the street to enter the bus, always cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus and  wait for the driver to signal to you before crossing the street.  Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to enter the bus.
    4. Upon entering the bus, take your seat right away.  Hands, feet, and backpacks must not be in the aisle.  Preschoolers will take the front seats and kindergarteners will take the seats immediately behind the preschoolers.
    5.  Remain in your seats and stay seated until the bus arrives at school or at your bus stop.  Children roaming the bus or moving from seat to seat can cause a distraction to the bus driver and can get injured if the bus had to make a sudden stop.
    6. Keep head, arms and hands inside the bus at all times.  Do not throw anything out the bus window.
    7. Use appropriate language and inside voices on the bus.  Remember that loud talking and laughing or unnecessary confusion diverts the driver’s attention and may result in a serious accident.
    8. No fighting, harassment, intimidation or horseplay.
    9. In case of a road emergency, children are to remain in the bus.
    10. Be courteous to fellow students and the bus driver.


    Students disobeying these rules may be restricted from riding the bus.