• Senior English (English 4) / Dual Credit Syllabus 2018/2019

    Instructor: Kris G-Tyler


    Course Description:

    Students will learn the reading and writing skills to be successful in entry level college English courses.  Students develop skills in reading with a purpose and understanding, organizing information, and using reason to clarify issues. Students develop writing skills directed at various audiences and note taking skills, create oral reports, presentations, essays, and long term projects. Students read a variety of fiction and nonfiction materials.

    First semester will focus on reading, comprehension, and relating our readings to current and historical understandings. We will read literature across genres as well as both classical and contemporary examples.

    Second semester will be offered as a Dual Credit class. Students who have a grade point average of 2.8 or have taken the college accuplacer and tested into entry level English classes will be offered the class for both English IV credit as well as college credit (through MNState, Fergus Falls campus, sponsored by MSUM.)  Students will need to apply and be accepted through MNState, Fergus Falls campus.  Second semester will consist of writing and will follow the syllabus approved by MNState.

    Important Policies:


    Attendance in all class sessions is required for you to be successful in this class. If you are more than ten minutes late to class, then you will be counted as absent for the class.

    • Showing up on time is polite, required, and expected. A year from now you will be out in the real world. As many of you know from your experience having jobs, being late is unacceptable.

    Cell Phones:

    Cell phones are no longer allowed in classes due to the fact that they disrupt the learning environment. When you come in to class, place your cell phone in the assigned pocket. Be sure to turn your cell phone on quiet and notifications OFF.

    If your cell phone is in your possession and you are either on your phone or your cell phone rings/beeps/buzzes, then turn your phone into the teacher. You can pick your phone up at the end of the day from the office.

    Passes are found in the back of your school planner. No planner, no pass.  Please use your planners to write your assignments and record up coming due dates. Learning to use a planner will help you become more organized, a skill that is required for success in life.