• English III


    Class Overview:

    English III is a year long class that is aligned with Minnesota State Standards. Quarter 1 will begin with WWII and Elie Wiesel and his autobiography, Night, and culminate with a project based on the Paperclip Project. Quarter 2 is spent reading Animal Farm and making connections with what we learned in Quarter 1. Quarter 3 begins our study of Shakespeare and Macbeth. Quarter 4 sees us ending our year by reading the novel Speak and creating our own poetry books. Reading, writing and class discussion are essential for success while we embark on the essential study of LEARNING itself.


    Late & Make-Up Work: If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you’ve missed by asking the teacher or a classmate. Missing assignments will be found in the corresponding folder.  Please find your missing work instead of asking “what did I miss?” The weekly calendar is also posted on the board. Please plan accordingly