• How to Display a Video on the Webpage

    You can add a video to any Edline webpage to add as a part of the design. You will need design permissions to incorporate a video into a webpage. Open the webpage where you want to add the video.

    1. From the Edline menu bar, click Edit This Page to access the edit mode.
    2. Click the Add Box button from the Edit Mode toolbar to access the Add Box dialog.
    3. From the New Content box, select Document and click OK.
    4. Select the location to store the video and click OK for the Create/Modify Document page.
    5. Type the name of the video in the Document Title box.
    6. Click the Enter Text By Hand link in the Add Content area, and then click the Video 
       icon. By adding the video through the toolbar you can easily resize the video from the screen, which you cannot do if you import the image.
      • In the General tab, enter the location of the video in the File/URL box.

        You can click the Browse icon to search for a video file to add into the document or type the URL location (such as a TeacherTube video) to include the video.

        By entering a URL location, the video will not be stored on the Edline site, so there will be no size limitations for the video. Enter the web location of the video for any video over 128 MB.

      • Type the size of the video in the Dimensions boxes.
      • Select Constrain proportions to not allow the viewer to enlarge the video.
      • Click Insert.
    7. Click Save and Return when finished. The video will appear at the top of your webpage with the Design Properties dialog, where you can adjust the video properties.
    8. Set the design properties for the video. To learn more, see Set Design Properties.
    9. Move the video to the desired location on the website.
    10. Click Done to exit the edit mode.
Last Modified on April 18, 2018