• Fiber Optics


    Fiber Optic Demonstration System
    The Industrial Fiber Optics IF-DS100G Fiber Optic Demonstration System is a modular 10-day introduction to glass fiber optics. It is designed for science, physics, industrial technology and vocational education classes in grades 6-12.

    Fiber Optic

    The glass version of this module utilizes industry-standard 62.5/125µm data communication fiber and high-performance IR (infrared) LEDs with easy-to-use locking ST® fiber terminations (the same high quality components used by many standard data communications networks).

    Modules include:
    • Applications of Fiber Optics
    • Light at the Beginning
    • Fiber Optics in Optical Sensors
    • Creation of Light for Fiber Optics
    • Fiber Optic Receivers
    • Expand and Network
    • Fiber Optic Tools and Connectors