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    See some of the students cool creations below!

    Engineering With LEGO Bricks
    How can a Lego brick be so powerful? Because these bricks can transform into integral parts of functioning Robots.
    When students join two Lego bricks together, they are not just connecting two pieces of plastic - They're connecting their future.
    Hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
    LEGO Mindstorms
    This program is icon based so programming is a snap. The Software features two programming pallets, easy and advanced. Also featured is Robot Educator, a series of 39 animated tutorials to help learn how to affectively build and program a fully functional robot.
    Here's some of the second graders and their creations

    Second grade class students visiting the computer applications class.

    Second grade students watching a programmed robot in action!

    Working with the motors and gears to make the robot move.

    Robots in action. This one simulates a ride at Valley Fair.
    Here's some from the Computer Applications Class.
    Robot construction.
     Mindstorms - LEGO's new robot education program.

    Student programming the computer brick that controls the robots movements. Note: You can see the program on the computer screen behind him.

    A completed skid steer robot ready for programming!