• Technology Tip Number 172
    How Many Words Per Minute




    In the old days students took a typing class in high school. It was either in preparation for college or an office career.  They sat in rows diligently tapping out "aa ss dd ff jj kk ll ;;" while trying not to look at their fingers. 

    Today, there's a quandary in schools when it comes to computer technology.  With limited classroom time available a choice has to be made between teaching software skills and teaching typing skills.  Traditionalists would of course prefer that typing  was stressed while technologists would say that typing skill will follow if a kid learns the how to use the software.  In the end a mix is needed across the grade levels. 

    So how fast do you type and what are you doing to improve your speed?

    Try testing your typing speed
    at this site:  TypingTest.com

    Then you might want to consider some free typing games to help you improve your performance:




    And when you are ready you can take on the world in an online typing competition:






    PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Test your typing speed today and see if you can improve it with a little practice.

    TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To learn more about typing and improving your typing speed try searching the internet for:

    Free typing tutorials
    Typing Games