• Technology Tip Number 137
    Type it, Speak it, Listen to it




    There has to be at least one creative teacher out there that can make use of these online text to speech websites:

    First off, try this site.  You can use it to hear typed text spoken with any one of 14 different accents using 14 different voices.  It's amazing!

    There's some online programs you can on the internet that do more complex things.  Some of the software has free trial versions you can download and try:


    You can also hear text read out loud in English or any one of several other languages using Google Translate. Just type in your text, set the langauge to translate to (you can set it to translate from English to English by the way), and press the little speaker symbol to hear the words:


    Now if you would like to spend a little money recording your students' voices, here is an additional website to check out:


    And here are some mosre ideas about how you could use this stuff in the classroom:




    PRACTICE ACTIVITY:  Check out some of these text readers sometime today.

    TO KEEP ON LEARNING:  To learn more about text readers try searching the internet for:

    text reader
    natural readers
    online text readers

Last Modified on March 31, 2014