• Google Maps Gallery Now Offers Hundreds of Educational Maps to Use in Class

    March , 2014
    Google Maps has recently released the Google Map Gallery which is a platform where you will have access to a wide range of map collections spanning different topics and subjects. I spent sometime browsing through the featured selections there and thought you might want to have a look as well.

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    By default, the homepage of the Google Maps Gallery displays lists of top maps. To browse through other collections, you need to click on " explore " button on top bar and choose from the topics there. Some of these topics include : culture and society, imagery, space, recreation, places, environment, historical, and infrastructure.

    Each map comes in with with a set of information describing it. There is a short description of the map, the name of the publisher, date it was submitted, and restrictions on usage if applied. You can also share the map using a generated URL or embed it in your classroom blog.
Last Modified on March 11, 2014