• Codecademy
    These perfectly calibrated lessons are a fantastic, free way to teach kids to build apps and websites from scratch.
    High-level reading and processing skills are required.
    Bottom Line:
    In this excellent coding application, in-game practice and real-time guidance crack open the world of programming and turn your students into whiz kids.
    Learning Dimensions:

    Kids jump right in and stay involved with well-paced instruction, live feedback, and tips to take things further. The hands-on experience with real-time results is key.

    5 Pedagogy

    The perfect way to teach programming languages, this smart program explains commands and provides live guidance and feedback while kids practice them.

    4 Support

    Feedback and tutorials are fully integrated into every lesson. There's no dedicated help section, but social features let users seek help and code together on projects.

Last Modified on March 4, 2014