• 15 Sites for Creating Flashcards

    1. Braineos - A fun site for students to create flashcards to play educational games on a wide variety of subjects.
    2. CoboCards - A nice site and mobile app for creating and sharing flashcards.  Great way to collaborate with others.
    3. Ediscio - A great site for creating flashcards and arranging them into boxes.
    4. Fauxflash - A wonderful site for creating flashcards and searching through educational categories.  These flashcards can contain images as well.
    5. Flashcard Flash - An innovative search engine designed for finding publicly-shared flashcards. 
    6. FlashCardFriends - A nice site for creating flashcards. FCF is also a social networking site which allows for collaboration as well as the ability to edit existing decks.
    7. Quizlet - A neat little site for creating flashcards that's ideal for studying vocabulary, languages, or more.  Also a nice site for playing studying games.
    8. Smash Cards - An innovative site that uses augmented reality for creating flashcards for English and reading.
    9. Social Decks - A nice site for sharing flashcards via a unique URL that allows others to edit.
    10. Study Blue - A great site for creating flashcards from photos, audio, or notes and then sharing with others.  SB also offers a wonderful mobile app for studying on the go.
    11. Study Shuffle - One of the best sites for creating flashcards that teachers can use to track students' progress.
    12. Study Stack - A nice all-in-one solution for creating and studying flashcards.  Includes lots of educational "stacks" to browse through.
    13. Word Dynamo - An excellent site for creating flashcards.  Users can take quizzes, view study guides, play games, and more.
    14. Yappr - A nice online community for creating a flashcard or quiz.
    15. Zendo - A great site for turning notes into flashcards.




    Revised 10.18-2017

Last Modified on October 18, 2017