•                   Students Observe
    the 30 Year Anniversary of the Tintah Tornado. 
                        May 10, 2012.


    Students Singing - Tintah school site
    Students gather to remember the events of May 10, 1982.
    Mr. Johnson gives a brief History lesson about the event.
    The Major of Tintah, Lucy McLemory speaks to the students. 
    Mr. Johnson and Lucy McLemory tell of the event that took place the
    day to tornado went through Tintah.
    Showing newspaper accounts of the event.
    Jeanne Putnam showing pictures and newspaper clippings of the
    school after the tornado hit.
    Monument to the school.
    Sign made from materials of the former school building.
    Orginal location of the Tintah School Building
    Field where the school use to stand.  The vechile is parked where the
     main entrance to the school building use to be.  Part of the orginal foundation
    is still located at that spot.
    Inside the classroom Damage to wall
    Damage to classrooms Playground damage
    Inside the building The roof is gone.
    Classroom damage Roof damage- lifted from outside walls.
    Exterior damage