• Resources

    Jog the Web : This tool can be used to create a "jog" or list of websites. You could use this tool to create a web list for virtual tour, a webquest type of activity, to provide student choice, and differentiation... >>



    GradeCam is online software that allows teachers to scan grades directly into the
    gradebook that they are already using.


    Khan Academy : A free library of instructional videos and practice exercises covering math, science, civics, art history, and finance. Practice exercise accounts can be created through your Google or Facebook accounts - Teachers are "coaches" and students can add you as their "coach". Coaches can see how the performance data on their students.



    Mangahigh : This teaching resource allows teachers to create and control students accounts, assign students specific lessons, and track their progress. Covering a variety of math skills from grade 2-high school, students can complete lessons and/or play the games to reinforce math concepts. 



    Edmodo : An online learning management system - you can use a little or a lot. You can create and manage assignments, quizzes, and polls and has a social networking interface that appeals to students but gives teachers supervision and control over what apears. You can use this tool just to give tests and quizzes or integrate has a regular piece of your classroom. 


    Wolfram Education Portal : A new web tool from the makers of Wolfram Alpha, the computational search engine, registering for a free account gives you access to a textbook, lesson plans, widgets, interactive Demonstrations, and more built by Wolfram education experts. Right now there are Algebra and Calculus resources with more to come. If you teach secondary math this is a must have!


    Symbaloo EDU : You can create a "webmix" to organize web resources for your class or just search what has already been created to find new resources for you classroom.


    EduTecher : This website is a great database for a variety of instructional tech tools. You can search, add the ones you like to your favorites and share with others. There is also an iPad and Android app to access this content.


    KidRex : A safe search engine for kids - a great tool to share with parents to use at home with their children.


    Mentimeter : This tool lets you poll your audience without registration - they focus on the use of SMART phones, but anything with a browser (iPad, tablet, computer with internet access) can be used.


    19Pencils : Create an account and have a web page you can use to specifically put web pages and quizes related to a unit of study. If you invite a friend and they join you automatically get upgraded to a premium membership which allows you to track student usage. If you have any units that you teach on an annual basis this may be a great way to organize related web resources.


    Educreations : A web whiteboard that you can use to create video lessons. Teachers can also create their own courses to organize their video lessons and either make the courses/lessons public or private and have students access through a course code.


    StudyBlue : Create flashcards for your students to study or have students create their own flashcards and share with others. You can have text, images, and audio on your flashcards making it useful for a variety of subjects.


    Jeopardy Labs : On online tool to create Jeopardy games by inputting your content. Everytime you access the game you have the option of customizing how many teams you have. Can be used on a SMART board or students can access from a computer to small group competition.  


    Sheppards Software : Games, activities, and online lessons - you can search by content or grade level and many work great as an interactive whiteboard activity.


    Free Technology For Teachers by Richard Byrne : An awesome educational tech blog - he uses humor and this classroom experience to give thoughtful reviews of different web tools. Great free professional development!


    SMART Notebook Trash Can Video : This video shows how the this interactive trash can can be used in a SMART Notebook lesson 

    Curriculumbits : A growing resource for interactive whiteboard teaching resources for all subject areas - subscribe to their free newsletter and you will be notified whenever there is an update. 


    Math Playground : A great collections of online math games - use the colored tabs at the top that start with "Math 1" to search for games

    Sophia- A new (beta) social network for education. Lots of great features can be found here, including free lesson plans, private group (study) creation, and online tutoring.
    iCharts- A great site for creating an online interactive chart, either from scratch or a spreadsheet.
    Useful Charts- A wonderful collection of charts on any number of subjects.

    Kideos- A great site to find safe videos for kids that are organized by age level and abide by COPPA compliance.

    Present.me- This is a wonderful site for uploading a Powerpoint presentation and then adding a narration.  The finished product is quite nice, as it shows both the narrator and presentation in a side by side window.

    Last Modified on March 11, 2012