• Top 10 Sites for Video Editing

      Here are my favorite sites for editing videos -- a valuable skill for technology literacy.
    1. JayCut- One of the most popular online video editors around. Users of iMovie should feel right at home with this excellent-looking site.
    2. Stroome- A great collaborative site that allows users to upload video and edit by adding, transitions, effects, audio, etc.
    3. Drag On Tape- A innovative site that is very easy to use. All a user has to do is search for a video and then drag-and-drop it into the timeline editor. Once a video is dropped into edit mode, a user can add text, crop, etc.
    4. Pixorial- Is a wonderful site for uploading (or sending in the mail) video that can be stored online and then edited. A user can add an intro, crop, and add audio (stock audio too) to edit their video and then order a DVD or share/embed into a site.
    5. My Brainshark- Is a very interesting site that offers a lot of features to their users. A user can upload any number of items such as a slideshow, document, or video and then add audio to their project.
    6. Viewbix- Is a simple site to use for adding an interactive linkable button in a YouTube or Facebook video.
    7. Overstream- A great site for adding comments and subtitles to a video. Once a video is created it can then be shared online for others to view and rate.
    8. Tube Chop- Is an easy way to crop and edit YouTube videos and then share with others.
    9. Splicd- Similar to Tube Chop for cropping a video by adjusting the start/stop times and sharing with others.
    10. SnipSnip.It- A site similar to Tube Chop and Splicd for cropping a YouTube video to highlight the important parts.
Last Modified on September 13, 2011