This Pneumatic Arm combines the three basic movements of the other Classroom Kits: lifting (up & down), rotating (left & right) and grabbing with a claw. It requires no tools except for scissors and some wood glue as the pieces are pre-cut and drilled. Once the kit is constructed and used pneumatically the syringes may be filled with water and controlled hydraulically.

    Pneumatic Arm Kit
    Fluid PowerFluid Power
    The Classroom Lifter kit models the lifting platform that we see used to work at height pruning trees and such, or the movement we see on some “dinosaur-like” garbage trucks.

    The platform is moved by the action of a cylinder’s piston that extends or retracts. In industry the action of the cylinder is controlled by the pressure of the fluid inside the cylinder. The Classroom Lifter kit is controlled by the action of a syringe or cylinder using air or pneumatic pressure applied by another syringe of equal volume.
Last Modified on May 20, 2011