• Top 10 Sites for Educational Resources  

    1. Thinkfinity - One of the most popular educational resource sites on the web. Created by Verizon Foundation with 1000s of lesson plans, interactive tools, etc.
    2. Teachers.net - A wonderful site with lesson plans created by teachers for teachers. A ton of classroom projects in all subjects and grade levels can be found here too.
    3. Edhelper - A great collection of educational resources on all subject areas. This is a paid service for a low cost which can be purchased in teacher packs of five as well.
    4. Shmoop - One of my favorite sites for education. A very fun and friendly site with a variety of resources such as links, lesson plans, guides, etc.
    5. teAchnology - 1000s of lesson plans can be found here as well as other resources on holidays, events, etc.
    6. Super Teacher Worksheets - A massive list of free printable worksheets for teachers on a number of subject areas.
    7. Educational World - A great site with lesson plans and other materials for teachers.
    8. TeachAde - A social network designed for educators with lots of free educational materials and a beautiful user interface.
    9. Cybraryman - An excellent site with multiple links and resources for educators and students.
    10. FREE - Free Resources for Educational Excellence. This site has it all -- lessons, videos, documents and more.
    11. www.mygroupgenius.org -  EduCore
    12. http://illustrativemathematics.org/   Illustrative Mathematics
    13. http://learnzillion.com  LearnZillio
    14. http://stosselintheclassroom.org/resources/outside_links/