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    What do you think of when you hear the word business?  
    Business provides the bulk of our employment as well as the products and services we enjoy. Future workers must be creative thinkers and problem solvers. As an employee, you must be responsible, comfortable with technology, and able to work as a member of a team. Being able to work well with co-workers as a team member will determine your future success.
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    A job is for today, but a career can last for a lifetime. Will you always enjoy the work that you do today? Will you be succesful in the career you select? You can't predict the future, but you can develop skills and attitudes that will increase your chances of being satisfied with your work in years to come. Business courses feature career and business opportunities that are available to you. The business world has all types of jobs, and you'll learn about those jobs and the businesses that furnish employment to the millions of workers that fuel the economy.

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    Senior Trip 2016



    Quote from the book: HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

    "Have you ever seen a macho man walking around with a cell phone,
    mashing it with his
    fingers and yakking on it all day?  That’s too much
    talking. By the time these kids are
    young adults, they’re going to have to
    go to Walmart to buy a personality. 
    Kids need to be out with nature,
    learning what it takes to survive in this world."

                                                                                                    Phil Robertson                                                                                               
    Duck Commander

     Immigration - Global humanitarian reasons for current U.S. immigration are tested in this updated version of immigration author and journalist Roy Beck's colorful presentation of data from the World Bank and U.S. Census Bureau.



    Campbell-Tintah STEM In the News

    TSMA reps  

    Winter 2015 Communicator


     STEM Network Seeks Funding


    On February 17, several TSAM and (AMFA) representatives traveled to the MN State Capitol to testify at the Senate’s Education Finance Committee Meeting, encouraging support of a bill authored by Senator Tom Saxhaug.  The bill calls for an appropriation of $570M to expand career, technical education, and STEM coursework in sixteen schools.  The proposed pilot project involves purchasing equipment, such as a portable CNC mill, 3D printer, robotic equipment, etc.  That would rotate between schools in west central Minnesota and northeastern Minnesota.  This program is designed around a program that instructor Richard Osman of Campbell-Tintah schools has had in place for the past seven years. 

    When first approached about helping with the pilot program Osman was skeptical.  Besides he had his STEM program in place and all is well in his district. Then Dr. Ron Bratie, superintendent, Cromwell-Wright schools sent him the proposed Senate Bill SF471 and HF555 and asked that he consider testifying on how your program has been so beneficial for students.  While reading the bill over, Osman noticed that one of the possible future participating schools listed was the Wheaton Area School district. 

    As a residence of Wheaton, he thought this would be unique opportunity and a way that he could help the local school district bring in some highly advanced manufacturing industrial high tech equipment, software and computers to the students of the Wheaton Area School.  Having access to engineering grade computer equipment and software is the goal of schools throughout the country.  So, he agreed to testify at the capitol in St. Paul in the hopes it would help generate interest by explaining the possibilities of what a high tech STEM program can bring the students in our area.  3D rapid prototype printing is the fastest growing technology on the market today.  Stratasy’s uPrint is the machine used at C-T.  This machine is not only is used on the commercial side, but also to train tomorrow’s engineers, tomorrow’s mechanics, and tomorrow’s technicians.  Tie that in to Mechatronic, Robotics, and CNC operations and you have the newest technology used for building on a high end assembly line. 

    This past year the interest in 3Dprinting at Campbell-Tintah school had stirred a lot of interest throughout the United States.  The Campbell-Tintah students have been written about in newspapers throughout the state and have been features in White Paper (the internet’s newest form of communicating with like industry leaders in programs and industry related business ventures throughout the United States) plus, C-T was selected as one of four schools leading the way in 3D rapid prototype printing and is featured in the latest edition of EdTech Magazine.  A free-lance journalist by the name of Tommy Peterson out of Boston Massachusetts called and asked if she could do a write up about how the equipment is taught in the C-T classroom. “I want to help spread the word why this educational opportunity needs to be in every school in the nation.” Peterson says.

    A start-up 3D Printing consumable products company from North Carolina has also contacted C-T school and has asked if our students would try out samples of their new consumable products. C-T students are the control group that is experimenting with the different product lines and will ultimately be making suggestions on what products to use with 3D printing machines in schools and business through the Unites States.  “What a learning experience for the students and as well as myself,” Osman said.  Where do you find this type of materials in educational books?  One student was overheard saying I guess we’ll have to write the text book and testing materials to go along with our findings. 

    The students were also asked to develop lesson plans and prepare materials on how to use a 3D cube printer.  The Market Place for Kids organization out of Bismarck, ND asked if C-T could help them out when they had three 3DCube machines donated to be used in elementary schools throughout the state of North Dakota.   The high school STEM students last year developed some excellent materials and as a reward the C-T  5th and 6th graders have been asked to spend April 10th on the campus of Microsoft in Fargo, ND.  The students get to show off their programing skills along with 150 select area students using high Tech STEM skills they used to produce computer games to be display at the conference sponsored by Microsoft.   

     The equipment and programing C-T students are using allows us to ask the tough questions and students have to resort back to material learned in prior Math, Science, Technology, and English classes.    These machines have increased productivity and decreased production costs in industry.  The result is that yesterday’s luxury items are today’s everyday consumables. These machines help in every industry from orange juice to automobiles. My students are amazed when they learn that they are using a Stratasys rapid prototyping 3D printer that is used at Bentley Automotive UK.  Plus, with the help of Mr. Suko’s NDSCS mechatronics and robotics program, students at Campbell get more enticed with the robot they are using in class.  It a WOW factor when students see how the 5 million square foot BMW car plant in Munich, Germany uses  650 robots to produce 900 BMW cars a day. Robots are lined up along seven miles of conveyers.  Twelve synchronized robotic arms work together to complete the body work of a new car in less than three minutes.  It’s just incredible and the possibilities are endless what young people can look forward to in the future.  As Ms. Peterson’s article finished she quoted Mr. Osman, “If you put the right equipment in students’ hands at the right time, you can give them a glimpse of where the future is going.” 

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     This technology is currently and has been taught in the Campbell-Tintah classroom since 2009.

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