• 20 Sites for Creating Quizzes

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    Having the ability to create online tests and quizzes is a key aspect of remote learning. Fortunately, there are numerous apps. sites, and online resources available that allow for customized creation. Here are some of the best.

    20 Sites for Creating a Quiz 

    Answer Pad - A student response system that also allows educators to quiz students to assess learning in real-time.


    ClassMarker - A secure, easy-to-use platform ideal for creating embeddable quizzes, similar to ProProfs. The paid version offers more options for users.

    EasyTestMaker - EasyTestMaker provides tools to generate a wide assortment of tests, including the ability to specially format tests and insert instructions.

    Gimkit - A game-based remote and self-paced learning solution that also allows educators to create quizzes for students.  

    Google Docs (forms) - A user-friendly way for teachers to create tests and quizzes that can easily be embedded. Also offers real-time reporting.


    GoToQuiz - A very simple site for creating a quiz that generates a unique URL for users.


    involve.me - Helps users build quizzes that include a variety of features such as images and timers. 


    Kahoot - One of the most popular sites for gamifying a classroom and creating fun educational quizzes for the whole class.


    Otus - An innovative all-in-one mobile learning solution in which teachers can create quizzes to assess learning and differentiate instruction.


    ProProfs - Offers numerous templates and customizable features for building quizzes. The paid version offers tools such as student tracking, analytics, and privacy settings.


    Quibblo - A fun, social media-friendly site that allows quizzes to be rated, shared with others, and embedded.


    Quiz Game Master - A nice little platform that allows users to build quizzes that can be turned into online games.


    Quizizz - Ideal for creating multi user quizzes that provide real-time results. 


    Quizlet - A popular site that covers a variety of subjects that also offers study guides, flashcards, and practice tests.


    QuizPedia - A platform that allows students to create the tests and take control of learning by researching the answers.


    QuizSlides - Users can build quizzes from PowerPoint slides and import results into a spreadsheet.


    QuizStar - Offers quiz-building features such as multimedia elements and multilingual options.


    Super Teacher Worksheets - Educators can find worksheets, printables, and generators for quizzes in a multitude of subjects.


    Testmoz - A user-friendly site that offers four question types and generates unique URLs for easy distribution.


    Triventy - Supports the creation of collaborative classroom quizzes.


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Last Modified on May 6, 2020